Does SimpliSafe work without professional monitoring?

Does SimpliSafe work without professional monitoring? Yes, SimpliSafe works without professional monitoring. This article explores the features and benefits of using SimpliSafe's self-monitoring option for home security.

Does SimpliSafe work without professional monitoring?


SimpliSafe is a customizable DIY home security system that allows you to monitor your home remotely using a smartphone app. It provides a range of equipment, including sensors for doors and windows, motion detectors, keypads, cameras, and sirens. It's designed to be simple to install and use without the need for professional assistance.

Professional Monitoring:

While SimpliSafe does offer professional monitoring services for an additional monthly fee, it also provides the option to use the system without professional monitoring. With professional monitoring, SimpliSafe's monitoring center will be alerted whenever an alarm is triggered, and they will contact emergency services if necessary. This provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

How Does SimpliSafe Work Without Professional Monitoring?

Without professional monitoring, SimpliSafe functions as a standalone alarm system. When the alarm is triggered, it will activate the loud sirens and flash the lights to deter intruders and alert anyone in the vicinity. However, without professional monitoring, there won't be any immediate action taken by a monitoring center or emergency services. It solely relies on the deterrent effect of the alarm.

Benefits of Using SimpliSafe without Professional Monitoring:

1. Cost Savings: One of the main advantages of using SimpliSafe without professional monitoring is cost-saving. You won't have to pay the additional monthly fee for monitoring services, making it a more budget-friendly option.

2. Privacy: Some individuals prefer to have complete control over their security system and not involve third-party monitoring centers. SimpliSafe allows you to maintain your privacy by not having your security system monitored by external entities.

3. Flexibility: By not opting for professional monitoring, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to respond to alerts. You can personally monitor the system using the smartphone app and take appropriate action if necessary.

Limitations of Using SimpliSafe without Professional Monitoring:

1. 24/7 Monitoring: Without professional monitoring, your home security system will not be monitored around the clock. This means that if an alarm is triggered while you're away or asleep, you won't be immediately aware of the situation.

2. Emergency Response: In the absence of professional monitoring, you will need to rely on yourself or a trusted contact to handle any emergencies. The responsibility of contacting emergency services and ensuring a swift response falls on you.

3. Limited Connectivity: Some features of SimpliSafe, such as real-time alerts and video monitoring, may not be available without a professional monitoring subscription. This reduces the overall functionality and capabilities of the system.


SimpliSafe offers the flexibility to use its home security system without professional monitoring, allowing users to save costs and maintain privacy. However, it's important to consider the limitations of not having professional monitoring, such as the lack of 24/7 monitoring and immediate emergency response. Ultimately, the decision whether to opt for professional monitoring or not depends on personal preferences, budget, and individual security needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does SimpliSafe require professional monitoring to work effectively?

No, SimpliSafe can be used without professional monitoring. The system is designed to provide basic home security functions on its own, such as triggering alarms and sending alerts to your smartphone. However, professional monitoring can enhance the system's capabilities by providing round-the-clock monitoring and dispatching emergency services when needed.

2. Can I use SimpliSafe without a subscription?

Yes, SimpliSafe allows you to use their security system without a subscription. Without a subscription, you will still have access to basic features such as arming and disarming the system, receiving alerts, and triggering the loud alarm. However, some advanced features like professional monitoring, cellular backup, and remote control through the mobile app will require a subscription plan.

3. Will SimpliSafe still notify me if I don't have professional monitoring?

Yes, even without professional monitoring, SimpliSafe will notify you when an alarm is triggered. The system can send alerts to your smartphone via the mobile app, email, or text message. This allows you to take immediate action and contact the authorities if necessary.

4. Can I self-monitor SimpliSafe without paying for professional monitoring?

Yes, you can self-monitor SimpliSafe without paying for professional monitoring. When an alarm is triggered, the system will send alerts to your smartphone so that you can monitor and respond to the situation yourself. However, it's important to note that without professional monitoring, you won't have access to services like emergency dispatch or the ability to remotely control your system.

5. What are the benefits of having professional monitoring with SimpliSafe?

Professional monitoring with SimpliSafe provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind. With professional monitoring, trained security experts will monitor your system 24/7 and can dispatch emergency services in case of an alarm. This means that even if you're unable to respond to an alert, help will still be on the way. Additionally, professional monitoring can provide cellular backup, ensuring that your system remains operational even if the power or internet connection is lost.

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